Stranded Deep Broken Bones | How to Fix

Broken Bones

Like many modern survival games, Stranded Deep gets mean with status conditions. Every mistake can leave you wishing for death, while your character marches slowly towards it. So, if you’ve gotten the broken bones status in this game, you might feel a bit of despair. How can you just fix your broken arm so you can stop dying? Is there any way to do so? Thankfully, there is!

How to Fix Broken Bones in Stranded Deep

When you get the broken bones status effect, you can heal it by creating and using a splint. The splint seems to instantly heal the broken bone and has no other significant benefit. Splints are made from two sticks and 2 lashings and can be combined in the “consumables” section of the crafting menu.

You may wonder what caused you to break a bone, and it’s fairly simple. It seems that you only really get the status from fall damage. Falling off of the top of a palm tree, for instance, will give you broken bones, and cause your character to limp. Currently, no enemies appear to apply the status effect. However, if an update ever brings enemies that do things like break bones, it’ll be important to know how to craft splints.

Broken bones aren’t the worst status to deal with, but they’re certainly a painful one. Your left leg will look twisted, you’ll be slower (just a bit), and you’ll slowly bleed out. You actually also lose calories and hydration too, so it’s harder to care for yourself while your leg is broken. We highly recommend you find your sticks and lashings as soon as you can. You might want to have one splint around as you explore the island, just in case you take a tumble off of a tall cliff! All you really need is one, as long as you’re somewhat careful.

Stranded Deep is a survival RPG where players crash-land on the Pacific Islands. The focus is amphibious gameplay, between water and land exploration, as you gather your limited resources and survive awful environmental challenges. Your reward for braving the difficult environment is great visuals, interesting mechanics, and satisfying progress.

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