Stranded Deep | How to Get Water

Stranded Deep is a brutal survival game, even if you have your wits with you. You’re expected to take additional steps – and overcome additional hurdles – to do things that other games let you have freely. Something that can be problematic in survival games like these is managing your thirst meter. To get water in Stranded Deep, you’ll need to know what the game expects of you, which is not an easy feat. However, getting clean water is an important step to your survival, and we can help you get there.

How to Get Water in Stranded Deep

How to get water in Stranded Deep

To get water in Stranded Deep, you’ll need to work your way up the tech totem pole. First, you’re going to need to knife coconuts and berries to handle your thirst. Then, once you can craft a Water Still, you can use that to get clean, drinkable water. To store that water for long journeys, you can create flasks, leather waterskins, or clay bottles. The Still and Clay Bottle is what you want for the endgame, and the Water Still alone is a great upgrade for any base camp.

You’re going to start getting the hydration you need out of coconuts and a tiny bit from berries. Coconuts are there purely to quench thirst, and berries are more of a hybrid food. Both are important to move around and hoard, since they’re your only sources of water early on. Berries should be farmed by planting bushes nearby, and coconuts can be hoarded indefinitely without spoiling.

Once you’ve gotten the materials for a Water Still (which requires one Lashing, three Rocks, and one Tarp), you can craft it for a permanently refilling source of clean drinking water. It can hold up to five servings. You can drink right from the still if needed, but it’s much more useful when you either make Coconut Flasks (Lashing and a Coconut), Leather Waterskin (two Leather, one Wood Stick at a Tanning Rack), or Clay Bottle (one Lashing, two Clay at a Furnace). With these in your inventory, you can adventure far away from your base with little worry.

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