Stranded Deep Poison Cure | How to Cure Poisoning


The status conditions in Stranded Deep are almost as annoying to fix as real life. When you’re on a desert island, surrounded by dangerous creatures, becoming poisoned can be a death sentence. Poison is one of the more common status conditions that you can encounter while you’re hunting, and there are  a ton of creatures that can inflict it. So, knowing how to cure poison can be one of the best skills you can have on the pacific.

How to Cure Poisoning in Stranded Deep


You can cure the poison status condition by consuming Antidote. You can make antidote by combining pipi and coconut flasks. Pipi are found inside bunches of small green plants or by farming. And you should have a bunch of coconut flasks from drinking coconuts.

How dangerous is poison? Well, if you get bitten right when you start the game, you should consider reloading. Poison does pretty high damage over time, considering it’s a permanent effect. Poison will kill you in 22 minutes by itself. And it will make it a lot harder to survive the normal traumas of the island. Thankfully, poison does not stack with additional poison effects. You can only get poisoned once, and most creatures that cause poison don’t deal damage (other than the snakes).

Because of that, pipi plants are going to be crucial. Making pipi farms is so, so essential to your survival. Because of that, we recommend making two separate farms per player so that you’re always ready for an accidental poisoning.

The most common creatures that can inflict the condition to you are sea stars, and a lot of creatures in the shallow depths of the waters. These aren’t able to be killed, so you’ll have to find more creative ways around them, such as covering them in a leaf.

Stranded Deep is a pretty fun time, if you’re looking for an above-average survival game to play. However, it can be a little bit archaic in terms of what it tells you. Check out our guides to learn more!

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