Stranded Deep Stone Deposits | Where to Get Rocks

Stranded Deep Stone Deposits

When stranded on a deserted island with no screwdrivers or hammers lying on the beach, it’s time to turn back to perhaps the most basic of tools: The rock. And, no, I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson. Rocks are a basic resource in Stranded Deep and are the core materials of many crafting and building plans. You can simply pick them up, or you can mine them from stone deposits. If you are having trouble getting rocks, here’s how to find some Stranded Deep stone deposits.

Where to Find Stone Deposits

Stranded Deep Stone Deposits and Pick

First of all, rocks are fairly common and can be found on any of the islands in Stranded Deep. Loose rocks can simply be picked up and crafted into tools. If you are looking to acquire more rocks, however, you may want to craft a Refined Pick(axe). This requires two pieces of leather, two stone tools, and one stick.

Once you have a pick, you can mine for more rocks and even clay! In order to mine rocks, you have to find a pile of rocks and then hack at it. These stone deposits will yield more rocks that you can use. Note, however, that you can only mine from rock piles, rather than any given boulder. Look for the rounded, somewhat cracked, pale-grey rock formations, as shown above.

Note that the Stranded Deep world is procedurally generated, and thus has no universal map. Because of this, we cannot say where specifically to look for stone deposits. The best that we can tell you is to collect loose rocks, make a stone tool, then craft a pick. With that, you will be able to mine more stone to make other, more advanced tools. Either way, though, you will have to explore. Deposits could be found on the beaches or deep in the forests. There’s no telling!

Keep in mind, though, that loose stones and stone deposits do not renew. If you use all of the stones on your home island, you will have to venture to others to collect more. Considering that each world generates well over four hundred usable stones, however, you are not likely to run out. So long as you can survive the expedition, that is.

As you gather rocks from various Stranded Deep stone deposits, you’ll be able to use them to craft all kinds of tools and materials that you can use to make your island feel even more like home.