How to Break and Mine Stone Deposits in Stranded Deep

Stone Deposits are one of the most valuable items early on in Stranded Deep. You will need them to make tools and structures to survive on the island. While rocks are easy to find at first, it can be difficult to get more rocks as you progress in the game. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to find more.

Stranded Deep Stone Deposits and Pick
Rock Node in Stranded Deep

How to Mine Rocks and Find Stone Deposits

There are three main ways to get Stone Deposits in Stranded Deep: Picking them up off the ground, mining for them with a Refined Pick, and exploring neighboring islands.

Unfortunately, the rock deposits do not regenerate once you’ve picked them up off the ground. So, if you’ve been playing Stranded Deep for a while, you’ll have to get rocks with the Refined Pick.

Pick Up Loose Rocks

Perhaps the simplest way to get Stone Deposits in Stranded Deep is by picking up loose rocks off of the ground. This is by far the easiest way to get more rocks if you’re just starting out.

Expert Tip: Do not waste the loose rocks that you pick up. If you run out, you will have to travel to a neighboring island to get more, as they do not regenerate.

If you’ve already picked up all the loose rocks, there is another way to get more.

Mine with a Refined Pick

If there aren’t any loose rocks lying around, the best way to get Stone Deposits is to mine them with a Refined Pick.

With the pick in hand, simply walk up to any Rock Node and hit it a few times and you’ll be rewarded with some rocks.

Expert Tip: The Refined Pick does not last forever and will break eventually. We recommend always having a backup just in case it breaks while mining.

Rock Nodes are different from regular old boulders. You’ll want to look for the rounded, somewhat cracked, pale-grey rock formations that look like rock shards.

Even better, the Refined Pick is also capable of mining Clay, harvesting sticks, and injuring animals.

How to Craft a Refined Pick

Stranded Deep Stone Deposits

You can craft a Refined Pick to get more rocks with 2x Leather, 2x Stone Tool, and x1 Wood Stick.

There are two ways to get Leather. You can find it in shipwrecks and on survivor remains, or you can craft it from a singular Rawhide at a Tanning Rack.

Rawhides can be obtained by killing and skinning boars or sharks. You’ll also need to be a Craftsmanship Level 3 to build the Tanning Rack.

A Stone Tool can be crafted from a singular rock. This is the base for the Refined Pick and is one of the easiest tools to make early on.

Lastly, a Wood Stick can be found on the ground. However, if you can’t find any lying around you can also get a Wood Stick by busting up wood logs and driftwood piles or by cutting down trees.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, you’ll be able to craft a Refined Pick that you can use to get Stone Deposits in Stranded Deep.

Explore Neighboring Islands

If you’ve found all the loose Stone Deposits and mined all the Rock Nodes on the starting island, you’ll need to explore a neighboring island if you want to find more.

Rocks do not regenerate in Stranded Deep, meaning that once you run out, you’re out. Thankfully, there are plenty of additional islands to explore that are filled with fresh resources.

To explore the neighboring islands, you’ll need to build a raft, grab some supplies, and set sail.


What To Do With Rock?

Rock can be used to craft a Crude Hammer and a Stone Tool. It can also be used to make a Bird Snare, Fire Pit, Fish Trap, Raft Anchor, and Water Still.

Can You Find Rocks in the Ocean?

No, you cannot find rocks in the ocean. They can only be found lying around the island or in the form of Rock Nodes.

Do Stone Deposits Grow Back?

No, Stone Deposits do not grow back. Once you’ve mined one, it will not regenerate.

Do Rocks Wash Ashore?

While some items do wash ashore during storms, rocks do not.

How Often Do Rocks Spawn?

Rocks do not respawn. Once you’ve mined all the rocks from an island, you’ll have to travel to a new island to find more.

Can You Run Out of Rocks?

Yes, technically you can run out of Rocks as they do not regenerate.

However, if you run out of Rocks on the starting island, you can travel to neighboring islands to find more. So, you can technically run out, but you likely won’t as there are plenty scattered around the islands. You just have to find them.

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