Stranded Deep Tanning Rack | How to Make and Use

Stranded Deep Tanning Rack

If you’ve been playing Stranded Deep recently, you may be wondering what you can do with all of your rawhides that you have collected. Turns out, if you make a tanning rack you can use it to turn your rawhides into leather materials, which can be used to craft better tools. With that, here is how to make and use a Stranded Deep tanning rack.

How to Make a Tanning Rack

Stranded Deep Tanning Rack

To make a tanning rack in Standed Deep, you’ll need the following materials.

  • 4 Lashings
  • 4 Sticks

Once you have these two items in your inventory, navigate to your crafting menu, and scroll down to the bottom of the list where you should see the option to build a tanning rack. From there, you can place the rack wherever you’d like on your island and will be able to turn a rawhide into leather.

If you need extra lashings, you’ll need to find a yucca tree or palm sapling and hit it with a tool. Doing so will drop fibrous leaves which can be used to craft lashings. Wood sticks, on the other hand, can be found lying around the island.

How to Use a Tanning Rack

To use a tanning rack in Stranded Deep, you’ll need to be standing in close proximity to the rack and have some leather in your hand. Then open up your crafting menu, go to tools, and you’ll see the option to craft a piece of leather.

It’s important to note here that you don’t actually interact with the tanning rack, meaning you’re not going into any kind of menu from the rack. Simply stand close to it and you’ll be able to use it. You’ll notice that if you’re too far away, the tanning rack won’t be highlighted in your crafting menu when you try to craft leather.

If you need more rawhides, you can get them by skinning different animals. For example, if you kill a shark, you’ll get 3-4 rawhides, but if you kill a smaller animal you may only get 1-2. You’ll want to turn your rawhides into leather so that you can craft better items like a speargun, refined spear, and refined axe. With these new tools, surviving on the island will be a little bit easier.

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