Stray Antvillage Memory Locations | Where to Find

If you’ve been playing Stray for a bit now, you’ll know that Memories are an essential aspect of the story. These collectibles not only reveal important lore, but they’re also vital to learning more about B-12. The more Memories you accumulate, the more background you will receive. Plus, you can actually unlock a new harness for the cat if you manage to collect them all. For this guide, we’ll inform you of the Antvillage Memory locations for Chapter 9.

Where to Find All Antvillage Memories in Stray

Where to Find All Antvillage Memories in Stray

There are only two Memories to find in Stray Chapter 9: Antvillage. One technically requires minimal exploring and traversing, while the other plays out in a cutscene. The first Memory will occur once you cross the bridge into Antvillage. B-12 will begin to remember something troublesome, ultimately shutting his communication off. Of course, we won’t spoil what the Memory is, but it’s definitely one of the more impactful ones.

The second Memory is actually not too far from the bridge. Walk upward a level with the ladder to the left side of the first Memory. You’ll encounter a painter, two robots snuggled in bed, and another two that are playing a game on a table. As a quick side note, jump onto the table to unlock the “Cat-a-strophe” trophy; you’ll get a nice reaction from the two playing robots. Next, pass by these robots to approach a second ladder. To the left of the ladder will be some graffiti – another Memory to activate. However, B-12 doesn’t want to talk right now, so let’s help him out.

Climb the second ladder, and then onto the air conditioning vents where you’ll encounter another robot. This particular individual is super-connected to multiple screens, and he’s apparently meditating. Meet Zbaltazar. He’ll give you Clementine’s Picture for the next step in your journey since he’s familiar with you. After talking with Zbaltazar, B-12 will turn to you and apologize for staying quiet. We can now return to the second Memory site with B-12 back in business. Finally, scan the graffiti, and you’ll be good to go for this section of the game.

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