Stray Duffer Bar Safe Code | How to Open

In Stray, there are hidden collectibles all around the game world. Most of the collectibles don’t translate between areas, so if you find something, you’ll have to use it in the space you’re already in. One of these collectibles is the mysterious Duffer Bar safe. But how are you supposed to get it open? Where is the code?

How to Open the Duffer Bar Safe in Stray

How to Open the Duffer Bar Safe in Stray

While it’s not actually called the Duffer Bar Safe, this is how you’ll end up finding the code for it. The safe you’re looking for is the Mysterious safe, hidden next to a dumpster near the music-playing robot in the slums. You can find the password for it ,but you can’t translate it. However, someone can. You’ll have to find Elliot, a robot who can fix things. Head to Elliot’s shop and ask him to translate the code for you. He’ll translate the code, and tell you that the paper says “Duffer Bar.”

But, what does that mean? Well, it’s actually something you’ll end up stumbling onto on your own, once you continue to progress through the story. However, if you’re looking for the code now, here’s how you get it. Head into the bar in town. If you’re facing the guardian of the village, it’s down the steps and down the middle street. You’ll be able to enter, and on the wall just left of the robot Seamus, you’ll see a sign. The sign says “Duffer Bar.”

You should be able to scratch the painting above the sign, which will drop down and reveal a code. It says 1-2-83, or 1283. This is the code to the Duffer Bar safe. Head over to the safe for the last time, and input the code. Upon its opening, you’ll be given a music sheet which can be taken to Morusque. He’ll play you a song. And if you find all of them, you can get the Meowlody achievement. There are other things to be found in safes as well, like the Cat Badge from the Midtown Safe.