Stray | How to Dunk the Basketball

The adorable cat game Stray has taken over the hearts of players. This PlayStation exclusive lets you roam around as a feline in a dystopian sci-fi world, but there’s more to do than just purr. One task you’ll face is to dunk the basketball, which also unlocks the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy. If you want 100% completion in Stray, and the elusive platinum, here’s how to dunk the basketball.

How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray

How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray

The process of dunking the basketball in Stray is actually a fairly easy one. In fact, you’ll spend more time actually looking for the basketball than you’ll need to slam it into the net.

The basketball appears in the slums section of the Stray map, which you unlock in the fourth chapter. When you first enter this technological haven though, a robot won’t let you pass through into the main hub. All you need to do is interact with this gatekeeper, and it will let you pass through. Then head to the right and you’ll see a lowly basketball on an edge, hanging above a basket.

The next part is simple. Controlling the titular cat, walk towards the center of the ball to send it bouncing off the platform and into the bin below. If you manage to align the shot correctly, the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy will pop. However you’ll need to be precise, because if you don’t hit the ball head-on it will roll away and miss the target entirely. Luckily you can return to your most recent autosave to ensure you don’t miss out on this fairly straightforward trophy.

Learning how to dunk the basketball in Stray is nice and straightforward, involving only the tiniest bit of exploration. If you’re going for the rare platinum trophy it’ll definitely be on your checklist. Thankfully, it’s much easier to land the dunk in this game than it is in real life!