Stray Sneakitty Trophy | How to Get

While Stray may be a fairly accessible game, some of its trophies can prove especially devious. One such example is the Sneakitty trophy, which players tend to struggle with. While it may sound fairly innocuous when you first read the description on your PlayStation console, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Here’s how to get the Sneakitty trophy in Stray.

How to Get the Sneakitty Trophy in Stray

How to Get the Sneakitty Trophy in Stray

To unlock the Sneakitty trophy, you have to get through the Neco Corp Factory level and back to Clementine’s apartment without being spotted by a Sentinel drone. That means you can’t go into its line of sight even once. If you do, you’ll have to restart from your most recent checkpoint if you want the trophy.

Fortunately, Stray isn’t exactly on the same level as Metal Gear Solid when it comes to stealth gameplay. Most of the Sentinel drones are stationary observers, so they won’t chase you around the dystopian world. If they do move, it tends to be slowly and rather methodically. Therefore, it won’t be hard to figure out their pattern and sneak behind them to get past. After all, you’re as nimble as a cat, so it should be easy.

If you’ve done this correctly, leaving the marketplace and going in and out of Clementine’s apartment, the Sneakitty trophy should unlock. However, there is a confirmed bug in Stray that can prevent this specific achievement from appearing, even if you meet the requirements. In those cases, it’ll be a matter of waiting for BlueTwelve Studio to patch the problem, which hopefully won’t take too long.

Trophy hunters and those vying for a platinum will no doubt gravitate towards Stray. This is one of the few especially challenging achievements, so if you can get past this stealth section, you should be fine.