Stray | Where is Clementine After Battery

So, you’ve found the atomic battery in Stray, and now, you’re well on your way back to Clementine to complete your escape plan. But, after sneaking past all the security and making it to their apartment, you can’t find them. So, where is Clementine? These are the clues you’ll need to track down her location.

Where Is Clementine After Battery in Stray?

Where is Clementine After Battery in Stray?

To find Clementine after locating the battery, you’ll first need to gather some information. Don’t leave the apartment; you’re already in the right spot to begin. You’ll have to do some looking around, and remember what happened when Clementine was there with you. Head back into the room where Clementine gave you the rundown on their plan, and you’ll remember they pointed to the wall with all the documents on it. There, you’ll notice that you’re able to read it.

B-12 will say that there’s a note left on it for you. Read the note, and you’ll see some items that will help you decode a message. These items are located around Clementine’s apartment. So, run around the apartment and look for them. One of them is a lava lamp with a heart on it found in the kitchen. The second is a crystal lamp in the loft above the room where you found the maps. The third is in the bathroom. It’s a mannequin, but the note is hidden in the traffic cone on its head. The final piece is the vaporizer on the coffee table in the middle of the living room.

Once you find all of them, the note will tell you that Clementine and Blazer are at the nightclub. Sneak your way out of the apartment, and head to the nightclub. You won’t be able to get in through the front door, so head down the alleyway to the right of the entrance, and start making your way up to the window. A robot will notice you and invite you in. Once you’re inside, a cutscene will show you that you need to go to the VIP Lounge, but it’s closed.

So, you’ll have to sneak your way up. You can cause one of the holographic displays to sink into the ground, which the DJ will raise if you’re standing on it. But, that’s not the path you need. Instead, you’ll have to give the robot holding the level a drink from the bar. That allows you to move the other display, letting you up into the rafters. Once you get into the rafters, you’ll have to solve a quick puzzle to lower all the rafters and climb across to get to the VIP lounge. You’ll find Clementine inside.