Streamer Perri Controls Elden Ring Using Her Mind

From Software’s Elden Ring is one of the most difficult games to come out in 2022, it’s a challenge just to complete it normally. However, one streamer has taken this to the next level by trying to play through it with her mind. By using a special piece of headwear designed to detect brain activity, the streamer has demonstrated gameplay inputs through thought. Players are always trying to pull off impressive feats, and the potential to complete games through sheer brainpower is bewildering. Though full control may not be possible yet, it’s exciting to see part of it play out in practice.

Playing Elden Ring with the Mind

Even though Elden Ring isn’t even a year old, players have already used it to set numerous records and milestones. Now, another is opening the doors to an entirely new way to beat the game, using only the mind. Carried out by the UK-based streamer Perri, it’s been shown that inputs can be connected to brain activity. Perri uses this system during streams to cast combat spells.

As explained by Gamespot, the headset Perri uses is called an Electroencephalogram (EEG). It uses sensors arranged in specific spots across a person’s head in order to read electrical signals. Perri demonstrated how it works to control the game in multiple clips. Most notable is the clip where she steps away from her computer and uses her mind to make her character cast a spell. You can watch that in the video embed above.

As impressive as this is, it’s not the first time someone has played games using brain waves. There are ongoing practices in medicine to use gaming and other virtual stimulants in order to help brains in recovery. The EEG is an established tool used to determine the amount of the person’s brain activity as well as their control. As such, there have been games and programs designed specifically to make use of this device. Knowing that it can be applied to more complex software such as Elden Ring opens up a wealth of possibilities.

With the popularity of gaming, it’s becoming more difficult to come up with impressive and attainable milestones. The streamer Perri has set a new one in Elden Ring by using an EEG to use magic with her mind.