Subnautica: Below Zero Lead | Where to Find

With the sequel to everyone’s favorite underwater survival game Subnautica finally making its way off of early access, people who were waiting on the full release of Below Zero may be wondering where they need to go to find certain resources. In this guide, we’re going to explain where to find lead in the underwater oasis.

Where to find Lead in Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero Lead Location

You find lead in Subnautica: Below Zero within Galena outcrops in several different biomes, and can also be received as a gift from the Sea Monkeys. Lead is a component in several of the game’s recipes, and the main way you’re going to get the material is the same as many other resources; you need to mine it. The outcrop, a harvesting node, will yield a 50-50 split between lead and titanium.

The Galena outcrops are found throughout several biomes. This includes the East Arctic, the Glacial Connection, the Twisty Bridges and Shallow Twisty Bridges, and the Thermal Spires and Thermal Spire Caves. Additionally, the outcrops can be found in the Crystal Caves and Lilypad islands, but only in specific parts. The Crystal Castle and Fissure do not have the resources, and neither do the Lilypad Caves.

Players who have gone to Sanctuary Zero and retrieved Al-An will also be able to get lead as a gift from the Sea Monkeys. Initially, this doesn’t seem like a reliable method, but there is a way to get them to bring you specific resources.

If you have a blueprint recipe that requires lead, you can pin it in the PDA by clicking it. Doing so will lead to the Sea Monkey’s bringing you materials for that recipe. Lead is used in a significant number of recipes, with the amount needed varying. The main things you’ll be using it for are to build your nuclear power and building your Sea Truck.

Lead is necessary for the three main components of nuclear power: the Nuclear Reactor, Reactor Rods, and Nuclear Waste Disposal. Rods are needed to power the reactor, and once they are depleted they need to be disposed of in the Nuclear Waste Disposal.

The reactor will need three pieces of lead for each one you build, while the rods will need one apiece and waste disposal needs two. Mining outcrops is the fastest way to get these started, as it also fills the titanium requirements for the rods and waste disposal.

Lead is also a key ingredient in making the Seatruck and some of its modules. The docking, fabricator, sleeper, and storage modules all use the material in their blueprints. You’ll also need it to create the Moonpool, which is where you customize your Seatruck.

Overall, lead is a pretty useful material in Subnautica: Below Zero, and you’re going to need a lot of it. Hopefully, this will help you keep your stocks full going forward.