Subnautica Below Zero Lithium | Where to Find

Subnautica: Below Zero has most of the standard survival game tropes, but that doesn’t mean that making progress doesn’t feel great! Once you start getting towards the late-game, you’re going to need a few rare resources… And you’ll need a lot of those rare resources. Lithium in Subnautica: Below Zero is going to be your prime upgrade material as you reach the endgame. However, since it is such a late material, you’re going to have trouble finding enough of it. Our guide will help you find Lithium quickly and effectively.

How to Get Lithium in Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero lithium

You can find Lithium in Subnautica: Below Zero by exploring the seabeds of a certain biomes, or in ore veins deep underwater. The primary location for Lithium is in the Arctic Spires biome, but you can find some near the bottom of the Main Crystal Caves, Deep Purple Vents, Deep Twisty Bridges, East Arctic, and the Tree Spires Fissure. As long as you’re able to dive deep underwater, you’ll be able to find and mine Lithium. Once you befriend Sea Monkeys, they also have a chance to give you Lithium.

Lithium can be found in small chunks along the sea floor, or in ore veins, where you have to mine it. The chunks look similar to their game-icon; little gray chunks that you can grab. Gray ore veins are also worth looking at, especially if you’re deep underwater.

Lithium is needed to build quite a lot! You need 2 Lithium and 1 Titanium for Plasteel, which is the late-game building material. You also need it for:

  • Ion Battery (x1)
  • Prawn Suit
    • Jump Jet Upgrade (x1)
    • Propulsion Cannon (x1)
    • Grappling Arm (x1)
    • Drill Arm (x1)
    • Torpedo Arm (x1)
  • Seatruck
    • Afterburner Upgrade (x2)
    • Horsepower Upgrade (x1)
  • Habitat
    • Multipurpose Room Glass Dome (x1)
    • Large Room Glass Dome (x2)
    • Reinforcement (x1)
    • Power Cell Charge (x2)

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