Subnautica Developer Seeks Narrative Designer For Next Game

The Subnautica series is short with a huge impact and it’s looking to expand. The studio behind the underwater sci-fi survival title, Unknown Worlds, has posted online that they’re seeking a new developer for their team. Specifically, they’ve posted in areas like Twitter for a Senior Narrative Designer. They also make this in reference to an upcoming Subnautica game following Below Zero. This may mark a distinctive shift in their development style, seeing as how previous games aren’t known for in-depth storylines. The job posting has been live since early April giving plenty of veterans and newcomers a shot at the spot.

Unknown Worlds Seeking Help With A Subnautica Story

Though there are narrative elements present in Subnautica, they’re not really the main focus of the game. Players can explore seemingly endless depths and build countless facilities all in the name of their own fun. With Subnautica: Below Zero, the team expanded on the universe and added more depth to player exploration. However, survival and crafting still hogged the spotlight. With Unknown Worlds seeking to grow its writing team, the studio’s next game may be its most story-driven title yet.

Though still an indie studio, the success of Subnautica has definitely given Unknown Worlds plenty of worlds and connections to draw upon. With its job posting for Senior Narrative Designer, its looking for strong addition. Whoever gets the job will be responsible for collaborating with all the teams in order to craft the story. They’ll be in charge of supplying and writing a majority of the lore and fiction that will go into the game while aiding in its presentation. They’ll have to keep everything organized, and consistent, and weigh in on its presentation like helping select voice actors. In other words, they’ll make a major impact on the upcoming sequel.

Despite the demanding work, Unknown Worlds is asking for qualifications that can reach a wider range of applicants. The developers want someone who has experience with a commercial game where they worked as an established writer. Above all else, the studio seems to be looking for someone driven, creative, and passionate.