How to Get Sugar in Sun Haven

Like any comfy-cozy farming simulator game to come out in modern times, Sun Haven is a world full of ingredients and items. Every single product that comes out of your farm is made through effort and knowledge of the game. If you want to cook, for instance, knowing where the game hides all of their ingredients will be extremely useful. Sugar is a surprisingly hard-to-find item in Sun Haven, for how generically usable it is in reality. And considering how many recipes require it, you’ll want to collect as much of it as possible! Let’s go over all the ways that you can collect it.

Sun Haven General Store
The General Store is where you’ll get your goods early on, including Sugar.

Where to Buy Sugar

If you want to buy some sugar in Sun Haven, you’ll want to head to the General Store or the Bakery. The General Store is your go-to shop, right next to the messaging board. This store will sell you the sweet powder at a premium price of 110-120 coins. You can also occasionally purchase it from the Bakery for 120 coins, though it is even rarer there than at the General Store.

Alternatively, you can instead purchase Sugar Cane seeds from the General Store. This small package is a standard crop that can grow in any season, and will only cost you 80 coins by default.

How to Make Sugar Cane

Like many crops in Sun Haven, you will have to specifically dig out plots of land to plant Sugar Cane, and then make sure to water them accordingly. If you remember how Anne taught you to grow crops, you’ll be able to grow Canes.

Unlike Wheat, this crop will take six days to grow, though it still only needs to be watered once throughout the process. You can tell if it is watered by checking on it. You will see the crop grow on days two and four. It is ready to harvest on Day 6, and can be sold as a crop, or turned into more useful ingredients.

Once you’ve harvested the crop, you will need a Baker’s Station if you want to put it into cakes. That station requires 10 Wood, 20 Stone, and 2 Sugar. So, before you can grow the sweetener, you will need to purchase at least two of the item from the General Store or Bakery.

How to Use Sugar

Sun Haven Where to Use Sugar
Sugar can be used to craft all sorts of food, from churros to cakes and everything in-between.

Once you have Sugar, you can use it to make food items. You’ll need a Baker’s Station to use this ingredient to its full potential, since that Station has the Oven and Cooking Pot. You will also want to make the Jam Maker, an alternative cooking station which requires 30 Wood Planks, 100 Stones, and four Sugar. This will let you make almost all recipes that utilize the ingredient, except for Lemonade and Sweet Bait.

Just by using the item in the Baker’s Station, you’ll be able to make Caramel, an ingredient that sells poorly by itself. However, using more ingredients, such as Apples, Flour, and Cake Mix, you can make food items that sell for much more.

Food tends to not be worth the effort for just selling. Just harvesting crops will often grant you a more consistent source of income. You will instead use cooking to build relationships! Specific recipes will be well-loved by NPCs; for instance, Anne loves the Persian Love Cake, an item made with 3 Cake Mix, 3 Sugar, and 12 Red Roses in an Oven. Claude loves Apple Pies, as another example. Learning which NPC likes what food will allow you to quickly worm your way into their heart.

When Can You Plant Sugar in Sun Haven?

This crop grows the same in any season, so you can plant them and grow them whenever you’d like.

Does Sugar Grow Better in Specific Regions in Sun Haven?

No, as of the current patch, Sugar Cane does not grow better in any specific region. Plop it wherever you’d like on your farm and it’ll grow well!

What is the Best Sugar Recipe to Sell in Sun Haven?

At the current moment, the most consistent recipe for selling are Apple Pies. This simple recipe requires 1 Apple, 1 Flour, and 1 Sugar; a price easily paid by anyone with a consistent farm.

Is Sugar Cane Needed for Anything Other Than Sugar?

You will need 30 Sugar Cane for the Farming Altar quest, a late-game quest. Otherwise, you can compress Canes into Sugarcane Juice through the Juicer.