Sword And Sorcery Is Coming To Conan Exiles

Arnold Schwarzenegger brought an iconic role to life in Conan The Barbarian, spawning the huge game Conan Exiles which is getting a huge update. Originally released in 2018, the open-world game by Funcom has gone through many changes in terms of content and gameplay. The next big change comes from the new Sword And Sorcery update which will turn the game into Conan Exiles 3.0 once it goes live. This stands to add some much needed elements from the Conan universe to what is arguably the most popular game spawned from the franchise.

Sword And Sorcery In Conan Exiles 3.0

This is the largest transformation that Conan Exiles has undergone since its release. By starting the Age of Sorcery, players will now have access to a greater pool of magic abilities. However, though sorcery offers tremendous power to those who master it, players will need to sacrifice health in order to use it. Additionally, the update also adds improvements to the attributes system to give players greater depth when growing their characters. It also supports the new perk system which offers a choice of perks at certain levels to give characters extra skills and abilities as they get stronger. Then there are alterations to the management aspect of the game such as overhauling the building system for speed and efficiency, as well as adding more assets like resources and materials which play a role in further establishing the sorcery.

Conan Exiles has come far since launch as has the Conan series as a whole. Released in 1982, Conan The Barbarian remains an inspiration across the fantasy genre. Even though it was based on the short stories written by Robert E. Howard, it was the film that brought Conan to the stage which led to a series of films, comics, and even games. Conan Exiles aimed to provide players to explore the fantasy world of Conan as one of mainly established roles in the series. They can focus entirely on questing or choose to create an empire in a brutal world where only the strong survive.

With the release of Sword And Sorcery, Funcom hopes to start a trend of ages within Conan Exiles by starting the Age of Sorcery. Each age will follow a theme with related elements, and players will get to see everything sorcery has to offer as the update goes live today.