System Shock Remake Release Date Gets Pushed Back

There are games that get folks so excited that any word on them, be it good or bad, will be well-received. The System Shock remake is one such game that has made headlines once again concerning its release. Specifically, the game has been delayed to a later release date based on the current schedule. Although the developers behind it were confident to get it out within the next month, it appears that that’s no longer possible. However, considering the massive following that the original version has, people are willing to wait for the newer version as long as it may take.

System Shock Remake Delayed

In 1994, players got a taste of AI gone wrong in cult sci-fi classic System Shock by Looking Glass Technologies. It was followed by the highly successful System Shock 2 before the BioShock series appeared as its spiritual successor. However, the original game is making a comeback in the remake set to release this year.

Unfortunately, according to coverage by, the game has been delayed a few months. Nightdive Studios is the team behind the reminder, saying that its March release date is simply “beyond our reach.” According to them and Steam, the game is now set to come out at the end of May.

System Shock is one of those games that’s terrifying for both fictional and realistic reasons. You play as a nameless hacker who is hired by a powerful corporate figure. Your task is to hack into an advanced AI in order to steal an experimental mutagen. Problems arise when the hacker removes the AI SHODAN’s ethical programming, causing it to go rogue. This causes all the robots to become violent while access to the mutagen allows SHODAN to create dangerous mutants. As the hacker, you need to clean up your mess by using weapons and cybernetics in order to fight back and take down SHODAN.

People have been making terrifying technological stories for decades, and System Shock remains one of the most popular. It stands to become even more so once its remake releases in May following its delay.