Tales of Arise Beast Mane | How to Get

If you’re new to Tales of Arise, the chances are that you’ll be looking for the Beast Mane at some point. This is a crafting item that only spawns in one location across the map. It’s not a pointless ingredient either, as it’s especially handy when trying to make the Gale Wing. This is a sword based around wind energy, which doesn’t wear down your stamina through use. As such, let’s find out where to get the item, so you can craft yourself one of these.

How to Get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

Beast Mane

As mentioned, the Beast Mane only spawns in one point on the map. That is the Rudhir Forest, which you can find in the northern part of the map.

However, the Beast Mane doesn’t come easily, and you have to stave off some strong enemies to obtain it. Unsurprisingly, the mane comes from several wolven beasts that you’ll need to kill. Once you’re in the right part of the Rudhir Forest, a cutscene will start, revealing three Ice Wolves and an Ice Wolf leader. As you might expect, you’ve got to kill them to get the prize.

The good news is that you get more than one for surviving this encounter. Each dead wolf will drop one, leaving you with four. Considering you need two to craft the Gale Wing, you’ll have plenty to spare afterward.

It appears that the Beast Mane is only used to craft the Gale Wing, so you could either craft two or sell off your excess stock.

With the wolves defeated and the Beast Mane in tow, you’ll be able to craft one of the most powerful weapons in Tales of Arise. It’s no easy feat and might take a few retries, but the risk is certainly worth the reward.