Tales of Arise Bizarre Megacore | How to Get

The ability to craft essential items becomes vital in your journey throughout Tales of Arise. Upon defeating almost any enemy, they’ll drop some valuable pieces that can be quite useful for you and your party. One such material is the Bizarre Megacore, which is utilized to craft weapons — something to surely be mindful of when it comes to facing baddies. Here’s everything you need to know on how to find Bizarre Megacores.

How to Get Bizarre Megacore in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise how to get bizarre megacore

There are several foes that can drop Bizarre Megacores after you slay them. Most notably, the Earthern Mass and Viscous Mass are known to drop the material. These enemies can be found at the Trasilda Highway and Aureum Falls, respectively. Additionally, the Forest Roper at Gilanne Woodland and the Ooz within the Underground Waterway will also drop Bizarre Megacore after being defeated.

You can utilize the fast travel system to farm these enemies as well. Simply travel back and forth from one location to the next and seek out these enemy types. There’s always the chance that one might not drop a Bizarre Megacore, but it doesn’t hurt to come back and try once more.

If you’re looking to use these for crafting, there are a few options you can go with. For Shionne, you can make either the Blackthorn or the Ignis Roar. For Rinwell, the Radiant Light, Balanced Living, Nature’s Beauty, and Silver Sword the Owl can be constructed. Kisara can equip a new Feline Bastion, and Dohalim can be treated with a Petram Pole, Tenebris Staff, and Columna Latio.

Alternatively, you can always sell some of them to merchants for some Gald. Depending on what you have in your inventory, you might need to make some space for yourself. Determine which materials are vital to your quest, especially when it comes to figuring out what to do with the Bizarre Megacores.

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