Tales of Arise Commodity Items | How to Sell

In Tales of Arise, the player will obviously muster up a wide variety of items to use. From consumables that’ll save the day during combat to new armor parts for your party, there’s no shortage of items. But what can the player do with commodity items in the game? You seem to gather up a decent amount during quests and beyond, but what can you do with them? Not much, and we’ll tell you how in this brief guide.

How to Sell Commodity Items in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise how to sell commodity items

Commodity items serve one purpose: to be sold and only to be sold. As the name suggests, they are essentially economic goods that can be traded among businesses and folks. In the game’s world, these can be a silver chunk, a copper chunk, etc. Whenever you have a commodity item in your inventory, sell them to any merchant or shop to instantly receive Gald.

This is one promising way to farm Gald if you need the extra funds. Additionally, you can sell any Equipment, Item, or Material, but all of these are noteworthy to keep depending on their stats. They can actually serve a purpose for your party, but commodity items are merely used for Gald intake from the shops. You will most likely have a few of them sitting in your inventory right now if you’ve been exploring the world.

If you need more ways to get Gald, there are a couple of options to go with. Mining and selling Materials to the shops can prove to be very advantageous. This is where you can utilize the fast travel system to farm the Materials by going back and forth in-between locations. You can also consume foods that contain item drop effects. Combining these with happy bottles to boost your Battle Chain Bonus Gauge can bring in many rewards after a good fight.

Of course, you can always sell away your unused and unwanted items in your inventory, but commodity items are truly only meant to be sold. It’s easy money, and there’s no shortage of them in the world as you continue to traverse the world.

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