Tales of Arise DLC Costumes | How to Get

Like its predecessors, Tales of Arise allows the player to switch up their looks. Whether it’s content that came pre-packaged or bought on release day, the players are free to stylize Alphen and Shionne. Some outfits are more vibrant than others, and there are several options for customization. If you’re having trouble obtaining or claiming DLC costumes, here’s what you need to do.

How to Get DLC Costumes in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise how to get DLC costumes

You can grab any of the DLC costumes for Tales of Arise by clicking Download Shop in the main menu. Doing so will transport you to the appropriate platform’s store, where all the different costumes will be on display. If you don’t want to jump back and forth in between the game and its main menu, you can also purchase DLC costumes while camping.

If you’ve already purchased DLC costumes and content and you don’t see them, you might need to claim them within the game. In the pause menu, select the System option with a gear logo. The other options will be Items (briefcase logo), Outfits (top hat logo), and Field Guide (notebook logo). Most likely you’ll see a little green exclamation point, indicating that something needs your attention.

Within System, you’ll see Downloadable Content and Unclaimed DLC Items. The former will show you all the available DLC options for the game, with the latter listing all of the items that are ready to roll out for you. It’s here where you’ll get to pick what goes into the game and what does not. But if you have already purchased some content that you don’t see right away, follow these steps and your DLC content should be available soon.

As aforesaid, you get to pick which content will go into your gameplay. There are many packs to choose from and some could give the player better odds in combat. Be sure to read through each DLC pack’s information, as some could contain boosts in leveling up and Gald acquisition.