Tales of Arise Fishing | How to Fish

Across the many events that can happen in Tales of Arise, fishing seems to be the most calming. Throughout the story, Alphen, Shionne, and their friends will eventually leave Menancia to continue on their journey. A character named Kisara will join their efforts, and she will teach you how to fish. It’s a fairly easy process to follow along, but there are some noteworthy tips if you’re looking to catch something to eat.

How to Fish in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise fishing how to fish

To go fishing in Tales of Arise, prepare your rod and lure with the side menu that pops up when you initiate a session by a fishing spot. By trekking the marker along the water, wait for it to change color then cast your line. Alternatively, you can wait for a ripple in the water to perform the same task. Follow the rhythm mini-game, where fish will swim toward your button prompts depending on which ones you use. Either Reel In, Soft Shake, Hard Shake, and/or Collect Lure to see which one fish is closer to your circle.

Once attached, play tug-o-war with your fish by stabilizing your rod in order to drain the fish’s stamina. At some moment, they will attempt to jump up and flail; a quick-time event will trigger, where you must press the right button to severely deplete the fish’s bar. After the tussle, Kisara will reel in the fish, claiming one for you and the party.

The main fishing location you’ll want to abide by if you need advice is the Talka Pond Road. A Fishing Expert will be standing by, prepared to give you essential information on the fish you have. Additionally, he’ll reward you with more rods and lures to help you catch rarer fish in the world. Sticking with just the starter rod will only get you so far.

You’ll also notice that the fishing spots in the game indicate which fish are present in the water. These are all followed by two button prompts that correspond to your actions while trying to catch a fish. If you’re looking for a specific kind out there in the world, be sure to remember each corresponding description when chilling by the spots.

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