Tales of Arise Megafauna Bone | Where to Find

On top of being an RPG with a rich story, Tales of Arise also has a complex crafting system. This can be utilized to create many powerful pieces of equipment in the game. However, crafting these requires rare materials, and one of these is the hard-to-find Megafauna Bone. So, if you need it, where should you start looking?

Where to find the Megafauna Bone in Tales of Arise

Where to Find the Megafauna Bone in Tales of Arise

The Megafauna Bone is a material used in forging some of the more powerful equipment in Tales of Arise. This also means the material is hard to come by, and you’re not likely to find it until much later in the game. One sure way to get this material is to complete Shionne’s Solo Ultimate training in the Training Ground. Completing her Solo Ultimate training will award two Megafauna Bones, along with 99 Rice, two Phantom Fangs and two Dragon Scales.

Two of these are enough in crafting Alphen’s Atonement Edge. Conversely, you can use one for crafting Kisara’s Red Shield and one for Dolahim’s Supreme Tenebris Staff. However, this is not enough to craft one of Shionne’s more powerful weapons, the Assault Shot. For this weapon, you will need three Megafauna Bones. Given that completing Shionne’s Solo Ultimate training only yields two of these, this means it’s time to go hunting.

Two monsters that can drop this material reside in The Wedge. Both Armatus Bos and Armatus Equus can drop Megafauna Bones. In Tarfal Helgarahi, both Astral Fury and Astral Hatred have a chance to drop it as well. Two other enemies that have a chance to drop are the Gigant Masher Bull and Masher Mare monsters found in Adan Lake.

When you find enough Megafauna Bones, you can use them in crafting recipes to forge the aforementioned weapons. Here are their stats and full crafting requirements:

Alphen’s Atonement Edge:

  • Attack 366
  • Elemental 365
  • Penetration 364
  • Needs 6x Mystical Lumina Cores and 2x Megafauna Bones, costs 8970 Gald and has to be forged at Thistlym Blacksmith

Shionne’s Assault Shot:

  • Attack 381
  • Elemental 402
  • Penetration 394
  • Needs 6x Spirit Tails, 3x Megafauna Bones and 1 Mantid Claw, and costs 11160 Gald at Lenegis Blacksmith

Kisara’s Red Shield:

  • Attack 390
  • Elemental 373
  • Penetration 389
  • Needs 8x Mystical Luminacores, 2x Infused Statue Fragments and 1 Megafauna Bone, costs 8970 Gald at Thistlym Blacksmith

Dolahim’s Supreme Tenebris Staff

  • Attack 324
  • Elemental 343
  • Penetration 309
  • Requires 1 Refined Tenebris Staff, 2x Mystical Luminacores and 1 Megafauna Bone, costs 8190 Gald at Thistlym Blacksmith

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