Tales of Arise Penetration | What Does It Do?

Tales of Arise allows the player to assemble a crew of trustworthy warriors to engage in combat. But after a series of struggles that can lead to ultimate frustration, the need to stagger your foes becomes imperative. With the inclusion of helpful characters like Rimwell and Kisara, you can easily gain the upper hand with the penetration meters. Here’s all you need on how to stagger your enemies with the game’s penetration mechanic.

Use Penetration to Stagger Enemies in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise How to Stagger Enemies with Penetration

Increasing the penetration meter in your gear and weapons’ stats allows the chance of staggering your foes to greatly increase. The more you upgrade penetration, the better chance you have at knocking back your enemies for a breather. However, spamming the same attacks will lower the meter, which in turn will decrease the chance of stopping enemies from attacking you.

When you chain several attacks without enemy interruption, you will receive boosts in your combative strikes to keep the fire rolling. Of course, these will increase your chances of staggering your enemies, but it’ll conclude the fight in a much more convenient engagement.

The main issue to keep in mind is that high resistance enemies will be less likely to get knocked away from your attacks. These can all be researched through the game’s Field Guide to study the enemy; however, be cautious of the bigger guys on the battlefield. If they look big and strong, linking multiple attacks for the chance of a stagger will be slim.

One main component to look into with the Field Guide is to study the enemy’s resistance rating as opposed to their attack, defense, etc. Calculating what their resistance rating is to your penetration stats should give you a solid idea of how to approach the bad guys during gameplay.

Evidently, trying to stagger big bosses might not be the smartest move, but working your chain magic on weaker enemies will give you the upper hand and advantage of being able to stagger them.

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