Tales of Arise Ranch Guide | How to Raise Livestock

In Tales of Arise, the player can take a break from fighting vicious foes to raising livestock to harvest meat for cooking recipes. This can be instigated from a Sub-Quest that unlocks the Ranch feature in the game. But when you find yourself trying to get the results from working at the Ranch, there are a few things to keep in mind, from knowing which feed to use to guarding the Ranch itself. Here’s all you need to know on how to raise livestock at the Ranch.

How to Unlock the Ranch in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise How to Raise Livestock with Elderly Man

In order to use the Ranch in Tales of Arise, you first have to heal Bogdel near the Traslida Highway. To find him, locate the fallen Elderly Man on the road. He’ll be hard to miss since he’ll be lying still until you approach him. He’ll ask you to carry him home, and if you agree to help, he’ll set you on the path to working the Ranch.

Bringing him back to good spirits will eventually bring us to learning about the Ranch. He also reveals his name to be Bogdel, a farmer who raises livestock to feed both Dahnans and Renans. Bogdel will then reward the player with 800 Gald and 110 Skill Points for completing the “Pharia Ranch” Sub-Quest.

Bogdel will also tell the player about his Ranch. This is where he basically introduces you to livestock, with the game triggering a small tutorial on how to raise the animals.

How to Raise Livestock and Feed Animals

When you unlock the Ranch feature, you’ll start out with three livestock to work with: pigs, cows, and chickens. These will go into the three Barn Slots that are provided to you on which livestock to raise. Through Bogdel, the Ranch menu will pop up with three options. The first is to Raise Livestock, the second to Guard Livestock, and the third to Hear Explanation for the Ranch’s mechanics.

To raise livestock, select your animal to be placed into one of the Barn slots. You will then pick which feed to provide for the animal that basically works as the primary timer to rely on.

Once you have your animals picked out, send them to the farm. There are four different kinds of feed that you can use. They all have different time lengths on how long it’ll take to harvest goods from them:

  • Feed: Ordinary feed regularly found at ranches across Dahna (0 Glad)
  • Fattening Feed: Nutrient-rich feed that encourages large livestock litters (300 Glad)
  • Speedy Feed: Feed formulated to promote swift livestock growth (300 Glad)
  • Miracle Feed: A miraculous compound, making for the ultimate feed for livestock. It encourages large, fast-growing livestock litters (600 Glad)

If you have some Glad to spend freely, we recommend going with the Miracle Feed to potentially harvest more resources from your livestock. Feeding the Miracle kind to the livestock is easily the quickest way to harvest the animals. You can travel about nearby and soon to Bogdel to bring in any successful resource. The animals do have a Growth Status to check track on the feeding process, but you’re better off doing something else while the status bars accumulate through time.

As you continue to utilize the Ranch, you’ll eventually unlock the other animals that can be fed. Horses, sheep, and rappigs will be unlocked down the line with the more time and effort you put into the Ranch. It’s also worth noting that each animal produces different resources that are essential to several cooking recipes. Some are hard to find in the game, so working on your Ranch might be your best option to obtain the rarer assets.

Each livestock comes with its own harvested meat, and they are as follows:

  • Pigs – Pork
  • Cows – Beef
  • Chicken – Chicken
  • Horses – Horse Meat
  • Sheep – Sheep Meat
  • Rappig – Rappig Meat

How to Guard Your Ranch

Of course, you can’t just leave your livestock unguarded while you go back out into the world. The Ranch allows the player to insert guard dogs and cats to protect the other animals from mice and Zeugels. These annoying fiends can and will invade your Ranch, ultimately depleting your resources to a much lower expected quantity.

From the same Ranch menu, as aforementioned, go into the Guard Livestock option and select Put on Guard Duty. There, you’ll be able to select four individual guard animals to keep watch on the Ranch. Ideally, you can go with two dogs and two cats, but they each serve different purposes. Dogs are prone to chase away the Zeugels while cats can easily scare away any invasive mice. Both dogs and cats will protect your livestock, but if you’re finding yourself being attacked by more mice than Zeugels, you would go with more cats than dogs, for example.

As you keep all of these notes in mind, the chances of harvesting good meat from your livestock greatly go up. By using Miracle Feed with the animal of your choosing and the right guard dogs and cats to protect the Ranch, you’ll be getting the desired meat from your work in no time.

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