Tales of Arise Secret Key | What Does It Unlock?

As you venture through Tales of Arise, you’re likely to stumble upon a Secret Key. As you might suspect, this key is used to unlock something at a mysterious location. In truth, it happens to open a very interesting vault door that appears early in the game. The catch is that there’s no way to get into it until much later in your quest.

What Does The Secret Key Unlock in Tales of Arise?

What does the Secret Key unlock in Tales of Arise?

The Secret Key in Tales of Arise is found by defeating the Efreet Malum boss in Berg Volcano. Once you have it, the Secret Key can be used to unlock a door in the East Side area of the Trench of Flames in Calaglia.

Once you’ve taken out Efreet Malum, head back to the Trench of Flames in Calaglia and go to the East Side area. When displayed on the map, the door will be marked as ‘???’. When you approach this door, it will start a sub-quest called “Into the Grotto” that will be completed almost as soon as you start it.

Secret Key Rewards – Balseph’s Hidden Treasury

Once you use the Secret Key to unlock the vault, this area will be revealed as Balseph’s Hidden Treasury. For completing the Herculean task of opening the door, you will receive 3400 Gold, 105 SP, and learn the Wiener Recipe to use in cooking.

There are five chests in the vault to plunder. Here you will see three red chests flanked by two brown chests. The brown chests contain a Sheep Meat and Pork, while the three red chests contain much more valuable items:

  • Royal Cape, which can be equipped by Dolahim
    • 429 Physical Defense
    • 419 Elemental Defense
    • 368 Resistance
  • Witch Dress, which can be equipped by Shionne
    • 418 Physical Defense
    • 439 Elemental Defense
    • 418 Resistance
  • Omega Elixir

Finally getting into this vault solves one of the earliest mysteries you can encounter in Tales of Arise. The Secret Key is found way later than you’ll encounter the treasury it unlocks. It can be easy to forget given how far the gap is between when you can first encounter it and when it can finally be opened. Fortunately, you’ve got us to help show you the way.

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