Tales of Arise Shionne the Fashion Critic | How to Complete

Among the many explosive encounters in Tales of Arise are some side quests that allow for enjoyable breathers. Upon arriving in Ulzebek after defeating the mean-muggin’ Lord Balseph, a “Handsome Nobleman” will express his enthusiasm about meeting you. Meeting this individual will initiate the Shionne the Fashion Critic side quest. It’s here where our heroine must help the lad out with some fashion advice.

How to Complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic Side Quest

How to complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic side quest

In order to complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic side quest, you’ll simply need to return to the Handsome Nobleman at a later time in the game, once he has picked out an outfit. It can’t be directly after speaking with him, as there’s a great chance he hasn’t picked an outfit yet. So, you’ll need to set a mini routine for yourself to visit Ulzebek every once and a while. Simply progress through the story until he’s ready. Once you see that he has an outfit for himself, you can then complete the quest after speaking with him to receive 1,600 Gald and 135 SP.

To find the Handsome Nobleman, look outside the living quarters of Ulzebek by some fire where you’ll see him standing. He’s distinguished with moppy hair that covers his eyes and a cheap open shirt. He’ll begin his conversation with you by referring to the Liberation of Calaglia, with his focus directed toward Shionne. He’ll ask how he looks, with Shionne responding in one of two ways: “It’s a very simple look” and “Like everyone else.”

Because of the liberation, the Handsome Nobleman is ready to get rid of his raggy clothes. The advice he seeks is based solely on what you choose for him, though any answer will lead to completing the Shionne the Fashion Critic sidequest. When he asks Shionne what fashion route is best, there will be three options: “Just regular clothing”, “Something aggressive”, and “Something that says money.”

This side quest is rather straightforward, but not knowing exactly when to visit the Handsome Nobleman can be annoying if you’re just trying to finish the mission as quickly as possible. This does give you the excuse to return to Ulzebek to see what other quests are up for grabs, though. But it’s best to stay busy until our man has some fashion breakthrough.

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