Tchia | Is It Coming to Game Pass?

Tchia is an upcoming open-world adventure game that’s wholly inspired by the land and people of New Caledonia. Players will take on the role of the titular character, who is on a quest to rescue their father from Meavora. Just who is this Meavora, you may ask? Only the ruler of New Caledonia, of course, and he’s invading the PC and PlayStation worlds. What about the Xbox crowd, though? More so, will Tchia be a part of the Game Pass service? Let’s pull out our ukuleles and get into it, for Tchia’s adventures are quickly approaching.

Is Tchia Coming to Game Pass?

Is Tchia Coming to Game Pass?

As of now, it does not appear that Tchia will be released onto the Xbox platforms, which includes the Game Pass service. The game is only confirmed for the aforementioned PC and PlayStation platforms. In fact, PlayStation owners can take advantage of the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for March when Tchia finally launches.

In truth, it’s surprising to not see this title join the ranks of not only Xbox but the Nintendo Switch as well. The game follows a similar structure to the explorative DNA of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Much like Link, Tchia utilizes a unique instrument as the story progresses, traveling from one biome to the next. Tchia can also deploy a glider as she jumps from one spot to another. Moreover, the protagonist is in charge of rescuing someone from a tyrannical enemy. The only main difference is that Tchia possesses the ability to “soul jump” onto animals and objects.

Tchia has all the ingredients that would warrant itself to be a notable RPG for Xbox and Switch players. Publisher Kepler Interactive doesn’t really target a permanent designation for potential platforms when it comes to their titles. They aim for multiple avenues, with SCORN, Sifu, and Cat Quest being released onto several platforms.

Now, does that mean that Tchia can eventually join the Xbox and Switch worlds? Perhaps, though there is no official word on it yet. Therefore, you might want to follow the Kepler Interactive Twitter page to stay up-to-date with any developing news.