Tchia | Is There Multiplayer?

The vibrant adventures of Tchia are inspired by the real-life archipelago presence of New Caledonia, where the game’s creators Awaceb grew up. Here, we play Tchia, who is desperately searching for her missing father. This adventure title will take us from one magical spot to the next, all while soul-jumping into different creatures and objects. But are we forced to go on this quest on our own? Does Tchia feature a multiplayer component, where one friend can be a bird and another a rolling tire? Let’s find out!

Is There Multiplayer in Tchia?

Tchia is a single-player adventure experience, with no multiplayer features to explore. As Tchia, players will navigate the tropical lands on their own as they complete one objective after another. In doing so, they will assume the roles of animals and items, taking the adventure through land, air, and sea.

Since Tchia follows a similar gaming approach to some Legend of Zelda titles, the journey is aimed more toward a singular experience. This gives the player the ultimate freedom to explore as they please, as well as having the open option to soul-jump into anything unoccupied by a hypothetical secondary player. Though it’s not like there isn’t enough to go around; New Caledonia houses many incredible animals. This is wonderfully put on display with the attached trailer above.

Of course, let’s not throw the possibility out of the question. While some of publisher Kepler Interactive’s titles are single-player games, the massive open world of Tchia is a welcoming playground for multiple friends to mess around in. New Caledonia is huge. It’s complete with various locations and characters that keep the story trucking along all the way through until the end. Tagging alongside a friend or two as you all take the form of another animal or object? It’s a recipe for fantastic disasters and shenanigans.

Is There Multiplayer in Tchia?

Still, we’ll have to hold onto the idea that Tchia will merely be a single-player game. If we know anything about the DNA of Zelda titles, then we’re quite familiar with the concrete approach: a journey only meant for one. Perhaps developer Awaceb will implement some changes in the future (playing along with a few ukuleles come to mind), but only time will tell. As for now, we shall embrace the land of New Caledonia for our own amusement.