Terraria Abeemination | How to Craft

Bosses in Terraria don’t work in the same way that you may expect after playing other games. In Terraria, if you’re looking to fight a boss, you’re going to have to summon it. This usually requires a summoning item. One of these special summoning items is the Abeemination, which is used to summon the Queen Bee. So, the next question is obvious: How can you get your hands on one?

How to Craft the Abeemination in Terraria

How to Craft the Abeemination in Terraria

The Abeemination item is used to summon the Queen Bee boss. They’re a pre-Hardmode boss, so they’re not too tough. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these, you’re going to need Honey Blocks, Stingers, Hive Blocks, and Bottled Honey.

Finding all of these items is fairly easy, as they’re found in the Underground Jungle biome. In the Underground Jungle biome, players are able to find the Bee Hive mini biome, which is home to all of the items necessary to make the Summoning item. Inside the biome is also a larva. If someone is to destroy the larva, they’ll end up fighting the Queen Bee Boss. While this is a way to summon the Queen Bee, there’s a limited number of hives in Each world. This means that you’re not going to be able to fight the Queen Bee Naturally more than 11-16 times if you’re in a large world. This is where the Abeemination comes in.

Once you’ve acquired five Honey Blocks, five Hive Blocks, a Stinger, and a Bottle of Honey, you can craft the Abeemination by hand without having to use the crafting table. The Abeemination can only be used in the Underground Jungle and Surface Jungle Biomes, using it anywhere else will waste your resources and prevent the Queen Bee from being summoned.

Furthermore, it’s also imperative to mention that the Hive Blocks required to craft the Abeemination do not regenerate. This means that the Queen Bee isn’t able to be fought infinitely, like Duke Fishron. So, be sure to take these fights seriously when you take on the Queen Bee.