Terraria Bundle of Balloons | How to Get

There are plenty of interesting items to find in Terarria. While they may seem strange to begin with, some of the weirdest items help you the most. And one of the more unusual items is the Bundle of Balloons. This festive delight increases your jump count, but also gives you some interesting effects as well. Here’s how to put your own bundle together.

How to Get Bundle of Balloons in Terraria

How to Get Bundle of Balloons in Terraria

The Bundle of Balloons is the culmination of three jump-based accessories. To make one, you’ll need to collect the Cloud in a Bottle, the Blizzard in a Bottle, and the Sandstorm in a Bottle. It will ultimately give you a quadruple jump, allowing you to jump a total of four times. But, it needs to be crafted first.

If you’re aiming to craft the Bundle of Balloons, you’re going to need six items. First, you’ll need three Shiny Red Balloons. However, you won’t find them from the Party Girl. Instead, they can be found by looking for Skyware chests on floating islands or in Sky Crates, which can be fished up in sky lakes.

Then you’ll need a Cloud in a bottle, which can be found in Gold chests in the cavern layer. You’ll also need a Blizzard in a Bottle, which can only be found in Frozen chests and Boreal Crates. Lastly, you’ll need a Sandstorm in a Bottle. This item can only be found in pyramids in the desert biome.

Once you have all three, you’ll have to take these to a Tinker’s Workbench, and place all the bottles into the balloons. This will create a Cloud in a Balloon, a Blizzard in a Balloon, and a Sandstorm in a Balloon. Once this is done, you can combine them all into the Bundle of Balloons.

As for what it does, not only does it give you a quadruple jump, but each jump after your first will have an effect of one of the balloons. The jumps will always go in the order of Normal, to Sandstorm Jump, to Blizzard Jump, to Cloud Jump.

You can even combine it with the Fart in a Jar, Tsunami in a Bottle, and a Blessed Apple to create a septuple jump character.