Terraria Chlorophyte Ore | How to Get

Terraria‘s plethora of ores are one of the game’s fundamental components of crafting. The constant expansion and upgrading of your arsenal mean that there’s still reason to travel back to biomes and find something new each time you go back. One of these ores is Chlorophyte. You’ll eventually need loads of this stuff in order to craft advanced materials. That means you’ll want to know how to get your hands on some as soon as possible. Luckily, we can help.

How to Get Chlorophyte Ore in Terraria

How to Get Chlorophyte Ore in Terraria

Chlorophyte is a Hardmode ore that you won’t be able to get until you defeat the Wall of Flesh. When you do that, the world will change, and new mechanical bosses will appear. You’ll have to defeat them if you want to get your hands on Chlorophyte. The resources these bosses drop will allow you to make a pickaxe able to mine this ore. So once you get your hands on either the Pickaxe Axe or the Drax, you’ll be able to mine it.

Another thing to mention regarding Chlorophyte is that it’s a naturally generating material. Normally it’s found in the underground jungle, along with life fruit. This ore grows, and the more you leave a small vein alone, the more it’ll turn blocks into Chlorophyte. If you’re a smart player, you can actually create Chlorophyte farms to keep a steady supply of ore without having to worry about traveling to the jungle. It can also be used to fight against the Corruption.

For example, Chlorophyte will grow by replacing mud blocks, so finding one or two pieces of it can be a good start.Once you’ve done that, heading down to the cavern layer will decrease the time it takes for it to replace mud blocks. Surrounding a single ore with mud and leaving it alone will cause it to generate a large vein of Chlorophyte ore. Then, once you’re satisfied with its state, you can mine and then replant a piece of the ore to continue the process.

Chlorophyte is a very useful ore when it comes to crafting new armor and battling bosses. It’s basically a must-have ore if you want to progress in Terraria.