Terraria Clock | How to Craft

Telling time in Terraria is simple, just keep your eyes on the sky, and you’ll see the day/night cycle run through as the game continues. However, sometimes, you’ll need to wait until a specific time to fight bosses, so having a clock around will be quite helpful. But how do you make one?

How to Craft a Clock in Terraria

How to Craft a Clock in Terraria

To make a clock in Terraria, you’re going to need some items first. For the normal grandfather clock, you should head out into the forest biome, and start chopping down trees. Once you’ve got some wood in your inventory, about 10 to be precise, head into the mines and find enough iron ore to make three bars. It doesn’t matter what type, just as long as it’s iron. Then, you’ll need to acquire around six pieces of glass. Once’s that’s complete, make your way to the sawmill. You should be able to craft a grandfather clock, and place it inside of your base.

The grandfather clock is an item that will show you the time rounded to the nearest 10 minutes in-game. It’ll appear underneath your minimap when you’re looking at it. If you want a more precise time, interacting with the clock will show you the time down to the minute. the clock is useful for timing when you should spawn in a boss to fight, as some bosses are only able to be spawned in at night, and will disappear once the sun comes up.

If you’re looking to spice up your clocks in the world, then there’s around 35 craftable versions in the PC rendition of Terraria. All you’ll need is 10 of whatever you’re trying to craft into a clock. For example, if you have 10 Meteorite Brick, you can build the Meteorite Clock. If you have 10 Cactus, you can build the Cactus Clock.

Surprisingly clocks are very useful in Terraria, and it’s no surprise that even the most veteran players keep one in their home.