Terraria Dark Shards | How to Get

Terraria‘s plethora of items and crafting recipes makes the game so enjoyable. All of the things you’ll pick upon your adventure have some use, and figuring out how to make new weapons, armor, and gear for your character is a rewarding experience. There are some items however, that can’t be found. This is true for Dark Shards, a crafting material used to make various weapons. So, how can you get your hands on some? Continue reading to learn more.

How to Get Dark Shards in Terraria

How to Get Dark Shards in Terraria

Dark Shards in Terraria are only dropped from specific enemies. To get some, you’ll need to take out Tainted and Vile Ghouls, Blood, Dark, and Shadow Mummies, Bone Biters, and Flesh Reavers. It’s also important that these enemies will only appear when the game is in hard mode. So you’ll have to defeat The Wall of Flesh before you can find these crafting items.

The drop rate changes among all of them, with the Ghouls having a drop rate of 6%, and the Mummies having a drop rate of 10%. The Bone Biters and Flesh Reavers have a 4% Drop rate. If you’re looking to get them fast, your best option is to seek out the Mummies and take them out. Specifically, the Shadow Mummy, who can drop up to two Dark Crystals, rather than every other mob mentioned, which only drops one.

To find shadow mummies, you’re going to have to head to a desert that’s controlled by corruption. Shadow Mummies will rise from the sand blocks there, allowing you to kill them for Dark Shards. If you’re lucky and have a hallowed desert biome, you can get light shards from Light Mummies as well. As they drop up to two Light Shards with the same drop rate.

And that’s how you get your hands on Dark Shards, It’s simple, but requires some setup by getting into hard mode. Good luck on your quest to find these elusive items!

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