Terraria Ectoplasm | How to Get

You’re going to be exploring the dungeon quite a lot in Terraria, both before and after the Wall of Flesh has perished. Magic using players will have to get used to delving down here constantly early on for spellcasting. Then, later, you’re going to have so many different materials that you’ll just have to get. Ectoplasm in Terraria is a great resource from this zone. If you’re wanting to gather it, this guide will go over why it’s so important!

How to Get Ectoplasm in Terraria

How to Get Ectoplasm in Terraria

Ectoplasm in Terraria is found in the Dungeon, specifically from Dungeon Spirits. The Dungeon is deadly for characters without Hallowed Armor, but it can technically get farmed as soon as soon as Plantera is defeated. Dungeon Spirits spawn from enemies in Hardmode, and each has a 100% chance to drop between 1-2 Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is used for Spectral Bars, the level of material after Chlorophyte Bars.

Once you’ve defeated Plantera, you can realistically begin farming the Dungeon for these. It might be difficult without farming for Hallowed Bars and that armor set, but it is possible. Check your Dungeon with a low amount of money and items to see how your build fairs. You’ll have to quickly kill the Skeleton enemies in the Dungeon and then kill the spirits soon after.

Ectoplasm and Chlorophyte Bars combine at a Mythril Anvil to make Spectre Bars. These are used for Spectre tools and armor. The Spectre Mask and Armor are great for mages. You can also create the Spectre Wings from Bars and Souls of Flight. These work as well as standard wings while also requiring Souls of Fright.

The Spectre Hamaxe and Pickaxe are the tools for post-Plantera. These tools are as strong possible without making Luminite mining tools. These will be carrying you to the end of the game!

The Armor is passible. For magic, we would recommend going for the Mask. The Hood allows for lifesteal, but reduces your magic damage by a ridiculous amount. The Mask allows for even more damage! Perfect for mages.

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