Terraria Feral Claws | How to Get

If you’re looking to do some serious damage in Terraria melee combat, the chances are you’ll want the Feral Claws. This accessory provides a useful buff of 12% attacking speed, so you can boost your chances of landing the first hit in combat. That’s crucial to the game’s survival-focused gameplay loop, so the Feral Claws are certainly worth procuring. Here’s how to get them in your Terraria save.

How to Get Feral Claws in Terraria

How to Get Feral Claws in Terraria

The good news is that getting the Feral Claws is actually a surprisingly easy process. The only downside is that getting them requires quite a lot of luck. That’s because they only spawn in a select few of the random crates strewn across your biome. Therefore, it’s hard to ever guarantee you’ll get them.

Of all the different crates in Terraria, only three of them have a chance of containing the Feral Claws. The Bramble Crate comes with a 19% probability, the Ivy Chest hovering between 20-24%, and the Jungle Crate also at 19%. As such, the likelihood is you’ll need to open quite a lot of them if you want any chance of getting the claws.

With that said, all three of these chest variants are found within the jungle biomes. Be it the regular brush or some of the temples within the jungle, keep combing through those areas and you should stumble upon several of these chests. Then cross your fingers, and hope that one of them contains the Feral Claws!

We say that because having them equipped is an invaluable boost to your Terraria experience. The 12% attack speed boost is really useful when you come up against nimble opposition. On top of that, you can combine the Feral Claws and Titan Glove to make the Power Glove. That combines the powers of those components, doubling your melee knockback, increasing speed, and enabling auto-swing to save you a job. Therefore, the Feral Claws are hugely useful. We wish you luck with those random chests!