Terraria Flinx Fur | How to Get

The landscape of Terraria can be fraught with danger, and weather effects play a large role in that. Colder biomes are often considerably dangerous, not only harboring special enemies, but providing freezing conditions too. As such, the flinx fur is one of the most useful crafting items you can get a hold of. This hide from the frosty animal provides lots of warmth to your character, but only when you craft it into a handy coat. If you need a helping hand, then we’re here to explain how to get the Terraria flinx fur.

How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria

How to Get Flinx Fur in Terraria

You won’t be shocked to learn that the only way to get flinx fur is by defeating a snow flinx. This is a special type of wild enemy only present in ice biomes. As such, you’ll need to progress through snow biomes to explore ice biomes, as they are intrinsically linked.

When you make it to an ice biome, you can start looking around for a snow flinx. They’re small, fluffy balls of white fur, and will be quite easy to spot. While technically an enemy creature, they only have a maximum level of 70 health, so won’t be hard to defeat. Simply hit them a few times and they’ll careen back. Once defeated, head on over and see what they’ve dropped. There’s a 50% chance that they’ll drop between 1-3 flinx fur, so the chances are you’ll need to defeat several to have enough for any meaningful crafting endeavors.

Once you’ve collected enough flinx fur, you can start crafting. You’ll need eight flinx fur, alongside ten silk and eight of either platinum or gold bars, to make the useful flinx fur coat. Additionally, you can use it to craft the Deer Thing item that summons the Deerclops, or a flinx staff as a handy weapon. Therefore, flinx fur has several uses in Terraria – and luckily it’s not too hard to find.