Terraria Floating Islands | How to Find

The world of Terraria is one of mystery and wonder. While some players may have a hard time setting up their worlds, experienced players know the ins and out’s of Terarria. For those who are still exploring, you may be looking for worlds on the ground, but did you know about the floating islands?

How to Find Floating Islands in Terraria

How to Get to Floating Islands Terraria

Floating islands in Terraria are very easy to find. It’s all about knowing how to go up. For starters consider finding a way to reach the sky, either by using wings you may find from chests or bosses, or by just building upwards. Depending on the world size you chose, the height of the floating islands will vary.

On small worlds, there will only be three floating islands, and they’ll be anywhere from 125 to 300 tiles in the air. Medium worlds will spawn up to five islands, anywhere from 255 to 400 tiles in the air. If you decided to choose a large world, up to nine islands will spawn, anywhere from 325 to 600 tiles in the air.

When you make it to a floating island, you’ll find that it looks like a piece of the forest biome sitting on top of a cloud, with a house inside of it. Entering the house and digging through the chest, you should be able to discover a Skyware chest, which will contain either a Starfury, Sky Mill, or Fledgling Wings. If you’re on 3DS you might also find a Lucky Horseshoe.

The floating islands are also the only place Harpys will spawn Pre-Hardmode. After hard mode is activated, Wyverns will now start attacking you instead of the Harpys.

There’s also the Floating Lake as well, which can give you special items like the Damselfish, Sky and Azure Crates, and Cloudfish.

Floating islands are a special place where players can find some seriously neat items. Granted, it’s a lot of work to reach the vertical height. Although, the effort will be worth it for those nice items!

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