Terraria Grappling Hook | How to Make

Mobility in Terraria is a big deal. Getting around this two-dimensional world is often more complex than in other sandbox titles. However, a special item can help make getting around a breeze. The Grappling Hook is the main choice for players who haven’t got their hands on a double jump, or a pair of wings yet. But, how do you make one? Read on to find out.

How to Make a Grappling Hook in Terraria

How to Make a Grappling Hook in Terraria

Making a grappling hook in Terraria is pretty simple if you have the right tools. The first thing you need is chains, specifically three of them. After that, and rather obviously, you’ll need a hook. For one of those, you’ll need to seek out specific enemies. Skeletons, Undead Miners, Hoplies, and Undead Vikings all have a four percent chance to drop hooks.

However, if you want to get your hands on one early, there’s another enemy that drops them as well. Most of the previous enemies will only spawn in the cavern layer of Terraria’s world. However, the Piranha is the only enemy to drop a hook that will spawn on the surface. If you make your way to the Jungle and find Piranhas in the water, you can kill them for hooks.

Once you get your hands on a hook, make yourself an iron or lead anvil, and then open your crafting menu. Using the anvil, combine your hook and chains to make the Grappling Hook.

To use the Grappling hook on a PC, it’s bound to the E key. Letting you grapple to any surfaces within its range.

You can also find Grappling Hooks in the wild, without having to purchase or craft them. Some bosses, like the King Slime, also drop them. Some varieties even allow you to grapple onto multiple surfaces!