Terraria Gravitation Potion | How to Make

Terraria‘s potion system is arguably better than Minecraft‘s in the way that players can create all sorts of buffs for their players. Some potions allow people to walk on water, some potions allow players to see ores in the ground as well. But one potion, lets players alter the fundamentals, what goes up, keeps going up. That’s all thanks to the Gravitation Potion.

How to Make Gravitation Potion in Terraria

How to Make Gravitation Potion in Terraria

To make the Gravitation Potion in Terraria, you’ll need a bottle of water. But, you’re also going to need a good amount of plants in the game. You’re going to be looking for the Fireblossom, the Deathweed, and the Blinkroot. However, there’s one more item you’re going to need to craft this potion. The last item you’re going to need is the feather. The feather is found in the floating islands above the overworld. This is the only place where Harpies are going to spawn. So, build your way up into the sky and find one of these floating islands, and kill a few harpies for feathers.

Once you get all these items together, interact with either a placed bottle on any piece of furniture, or find an alchemy station in the dungeon and use that. If you have all the required items, you’ll be able to make a Gravitation potion.

When consumed, pressing up on your keyboard or controller will literally flip gravity. If you’re still taking fall damage, you’re going to retain that velocity, and landing, even while going up, is going to hurt. So either flip gravity to not break your legs, or come equipped with any horseshoe item. You can also negate fall damage by landing on cloud blocks.

There are plenty of uses for the gravitation potion, the most used being that players can find more floating islands since the potion lasts longer than the wings. There’s also other powerful potions, like the Wormhole Potion.