Terraria Hellstone Bars | How to Get

Ore is a staple item in sandbox games, and the same is certainly true in Terraria. When it comes to crafting, you’ll need to look out for several different varieties. Shroomite, Chlorophyte, and Hellstone bars are all useful, but Hellstone Bars are one of the most important materials pre-Hardmode. Here’s how to get your hands on some.

How to Get Hellstone Bars in Terraria

How to Get Hellstone Bars in Terraria
Hellstone is the final ore you can get before taking on the Wall of Flesh in Pre-Hardmode. It’s located in the Underworld. Getting there is simple: Just dig straight down to the bottom of the map, and you’ll fall into the cavernous underworld. From then, you’re going to want to keep your wits about you. The underworld is dangerous and full of enemies and hazards.

Be sure to pack some Obsidian Skin potions, as they make you immune to lava damage. Spelunker potions are also good as well, as they’ll help you find Hellstone. Once you’re in the Underworld, you’ll also need to come equipped with either a Nightmare or Deathbringer Pickaxe, as those are the only ones capable of Mining Hellstone before the conversion to Hardmode.

Then if you have your potions and pickaxe, you’ll be set and ready to mine Hellstone. Once you’ve stocked up, you’ll need another material to make Hellstone Bars. The second material you’ll need is Obsidian. This can be found by pouring water onto lava. However, be careful, as it doesn’t turn a whole body of lava into Obsidian, only the top layer. Use the same pickaxe you used to mine the Hellstone on the Obsidian.

To make your Hellstone Bars, you’ll have to find a Hellforge. These are furnaces with the ability to make these bars. They’re found in the Underworld as well, inside of the many ruined houses that litter the landscape. If you find one you don’t have to make the Bars in the Underworld. Just use your Nightmare or Deathbringer Pickaxe on it to put it in your inventory, and head to the safety of the surface. Then, you can make your Hellstone Bars in the safety of your own base.

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