Terraria | How to Get Party Girl Spawn

NPCs are some of the most consistent and important elements of progression in Terraria. From the Guide to the Arms Dealer, you’re going to need these guys and galls around if you want to beat the game. However, not all NPCs are created equally… And some of them are created annoyingly. The Party Girl in Terraria is the perfect example of that kind of NPC. If you’re wanting to find her, then you’ll need luck and skill.

How to Get Party Girl to Spawn in Terraria

How to Get Party Girl to Spawn in Terraria

The Party Girl spawns when you have 14 NPCs present in your Terraria town. The wandering NPCs, like the Traveling Merchant or Skeleton Merchant, do not count for this number. Unfortunately, she only has a 2.5% chance to spawn every morning and night when you have 14 NPCs present and a room open, which is a pretty abysmal chance. This chance is also applied if she ever dies, so keeping her alive once you find her is critical.

This NPC sells various very fun cosmetics and gets a larger shop during parties. All of her items are purely cosmetic, except for various weapons that she can have access to.

If you want to maximize her happiness, she prefers the Hallow, the Wizard, and the Zoologist. She does not gain any specific items or major benefits for being happy, outside of the basic discounts.

There are no recorded ways to improve the odds that she comes to your home. Just make sure that there is always an open door for her once you reach your 14th NPC. You’d hate to miss days where you could be getting her! Thankfully, since all you need is a basic, empty house, you aren’t losing any resources for trying to unlock her.

Terraria is a massive game, so you’d be forgiven if you’ve never seen or heard of the Party Girl! We hope you find her quickly. Whether or not you do, you can see some of our other Terraria guides to learn about the later parts of this fantastic game!