Terraria Jungle Temple | How to Find

Terraria‘s world is a changing one. The more you complete throughout the game, the more the world changes. New biomes will appear, and more will be unlocked for you to explore. One of these things is the Jungle Temple. This area is home to loads of important enemies and items. So, the next question is obvious: How can you get there?

How to Find the Jungle Temple in Terraria

How to Find the Jungle Temple in Terraria

If you’re looking to find the Jungle Temple in Terraria, you’re first going to have to head to the Jungle. That seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, it kind of is. But there’s more to it that makes it more challenging.

For one, you’re going to have to go deep underground if you plan on finding it. You’ll know you found the temple when you see the Lizahrd blocks you can’t break through in the underground jungle. The temple is massive, so exploring will bring you to it eventually. The temple is always there when the world is generated, but you can’t enter it. Instead, you’ll have to defeat one of the many bosses in the game.

The boss you’re going to be looking for is Plantera. They’re a Hardmode boss, so you’re going to have to take down the Wall of Flesh if you want to fight them. Head into the underground jungle and find Plantera. Once they’re defeated, they’ll drop a jungle temple key. Go back to the jungle temple, and open it from one of the top corners with the key. From there, you’ll head inside and make your way to the bottom of the tomb. Keep your eyes out for pressure plates and traps. As well as the many enemies that lurk inside the tomb.

Open the chests if you find any, and you should be able to get a Lizahrd power cell. Once you make it to the massive room at the end of the temple, you can interact with the altar to summon the Golem if you have a power cell in your inventory. Once you defeat this fearsome boss, you’ll be awarded with the Pick Saw and a Bettle Husk.

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