Terraria Life Fruit | How to Get

Increasing your stats in Terraria is a great way to increase your odds of survival. However, there’s a cap. You can only increase your health to 400… In Normal Mode. Once you make it to hard mode, you’ll find that Life Fruits will spawn in, allowing you to upgrade your health even further. Here’s what you need to do to get your hands on some.

How to Get Life Fruit in Terraria

How to Get Life Fruit in Terraria

If you’re looking for a boost in your max health, and you happen to be in hard mode, you’re in luck. You can find Life Fruit to increase your max HP. However, they’re very tricky to find. Life Fruits can only be found in the jungle and underground. So, you’ll need to travel into the jungle caves and seek them out for yourself. They grow on top of Jungle Grass, and look like yellow hearts in a bush. If you find one, you can use it on the spot.

Consuming a life heart will increase your maximum health by five. Meaning that you’ll have to eat 20 of them to max out your health on life hearts. However, you cannot consume them until you hit the maximum life cap in normal mode. So, if your max health isn’t 400, you’ll have to hold onto those life hearts until you find enough life crystals.

If you’re having trouble locating life hearts in the underground jungle, here’s a few tips. Life hearts will be easier to see if you use a spelunker potion. The potion makes them glow, just like any other ore in the game. Secondly, if you’re still having trouble, you might want to take on one of the mechanical bosses first. While you may feel like you don’t have enough health, you need to. With every mechanical boss that meets it’s demise, life hearts will be spawned into the underground, making it possible for you to increase your max HP.

Once you’ve consumed all 20 life hearts you can handle, that’s it! You’ve maxed your health out for the rest of the game. If you somehow still feel like you’re under-powered, consider getting some more powerful armor, or brew some potions that can help you reduce damage. Or, if you want, increase your firepower and take on the rest of the world!