Terraria Minishark | How to Get

Terraria has some fantastic weapons, even early in the game. The Minishark is one of those relatively early game weapons, but its great design has made it legendary. Half gun, half shark; it’s completely awesome. Unfortunately, this weapon isn’t the strongest, and it will drain your resources relentlessly. If you want to use this weapon, it probably won’t be the most optimal choice… But it will be the most awesome choice.

How to Get the Minishark in Terraria

How to Get the Minishark in Terraria

You can get the Minishark in Terraria through the Arms Dealer NPC. You must purchase it for 35 gold coins; there is currently no other way to acquire it. You can unlock the Arms Dealer NPC by getting an early game gun, such as the Shotgun from the Underground Jungle. You will also need to purchase Bullets in order to fire the Minishark, and it will require quite a few bullets to fire at full capacity.

Unlocking the Arms Dealer requires a firearm that shoots bullets. The Shotgun in the Jungle is one of the earlier options. You can also find bullets to unlock the Arms Dealer, though those are not as easy to find.

The Minishark has reasonable damage, but puts a massive drain on your resources very early on. Bullets aren’t free, after all! Once you have it, you will burn through Musket Balls or any other of these resources very fast. It has a one-third chance to save an ammo on each shot… But it just shoots so fast.

It’s fine for a well-farmed character, but is less good for a character who has just unlocked the Arms Dealer or is constantly spending money.

The Minishark is used for two separate weapon upgrades. The Star Cannon is a powerful mid-game single-shot brutalizer, and the Megashark is just a strict upgrade to the minigun. The Megashark is handy late-game, as you can craft infinite ammunition by that point.

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