Terraria Sanguine Staff | How to Get

If you’re familiar to the world of Terraria, you should know about builds. The kind of weapon a player sticks with, and how this affects their playstyle and the armor they choose. However, a good build doesn’t work unless it’s got the right weapon. For the summoner, they should be using the Sanguine Staff during their time in hard mode.

How to Get the Sanguine Staff in Terraria

How to Get the Sanguine Staff in Terraria

The Sanguine Staff is a summoner’s weapon. It summons a Sanguine Bat for you that attacks enemies by looking between you and the enemy, returning when the enemy is defeated. But, how do you get your hands on a weapon like this? Well, it’s actually quite simple. During a Blood Moon, head to the ocean. Once you make it to the ocean, take out your fishing rod and start fishing. You’ll fish up the fearsome Dreadnautilus. Once you defeat them, there’s a 50% chance on classic mode that it’ll drop a Sanguine staff.

If you’re playing on Hard or Expert, the Dreadnautilus will have a 100% drop rate on the Sanguine Staff.

Now that you have the Sanguine Staff, here’s some tips on how to use it. This will help you use the staff to its fullest potential. First, take the staff to the Goblin Tinkerer and reforge it until it has the Ruthless adjective. This isn’t the same as a Mythical Sanguine Staff. but, it provides more power to your minions, unlike the Mythical adjective. Second, you’ll want to increase your minion size as high as it can go. The Spider Armor is the best option for this, allowing you to have an army of Bats. More minions mean more damage, and with the way they function, you’ll be able to take on plenty of Hardmode enemies.

If you’re in the mood for customization, here’s a tip. You can use critter shampoo and dye on the bats. However, the only ones that will give you the color you want, are the bright dyes. Normal and Gradient dyes don’t work on the bats as they don’t override the original color of the minion. Bright dyes, on the other hand, will override the color of the bat.