Terraria Sawmill | How to Craft

Seasoned Terraria players know how important crafting is. Without the ability to make new equipment, your quest for survival won’t last long. As such, the sawmill is one of the most useful resources in the entire game. It is a crafting table especially useful for items made with wood, crucial as you start collecting more trees ready to chop down and construct. If you need a helping hand, join us as we explore how to craft a sawmill in Terraria.

How to Craft a Sawmill in Terraria

How to Craft a Sawmill in Terraria

To craft a sawmill in Terraria, you’ll first need a Work Bench at your disposal. That’s the part of your home where you go to make new equipment, so it’s not a shock to see it needed in this case. You’ll also need three constituent items to build a sawmill: wood, iron, and chain.

In terms of specifics, you need 10 of any type of wood, two of any iron bars, and a single chain. Make sure you’ve got them equipped in your inventory, head to your Work Bench, and activate it. Then look for the sawmill method, and click through to craft them together. Of course, doing this will only get you one sawmill as a result. However, unless you’re running an extensive operation, you’ll never need more than just that one.

From there, you can place your sawmill anywhere you want to start using. Once you have it together, you’ll soon find how many uses and products you can make using it. Taking bamboo and wood resources to the mill allows you to make furniture, decorations, and plenty of other handy items. That includes more luxury items like the Crystal Dresser, which can only be made from a sawmill using 40 Crystal Blocks. On top of that, you can also make palm wood items, weapon racks, and even spider furniture if you so choose. The opportunities are endless, but you’ll need to build your own sawmill first.