Terraria Shroomite Armor | How to Get

The vast amounts of armor in Terraria add to the repertoire of abilities that players have in-game. Whether it’s being able to use more minions or getting damage boosts from completing sets, armor is an important aspect of both combat and survival in this dangerous landscape. Luckily, Shroomite Armor has got your back. Here’s how to get a set for yourself.

How to Get Shroomite Armor in Terraria

How to Get Shroomite Armor in Terraria

If you’re looking to get Shroomite armor now, you need to make sure that you’re in Hard mode. This only begins after defeating the Wall of Flesh, so if you’re not that far into the game yet, you’re going to have to put the work in to complete these tasks.

Once you make it to hard mode, you’ll have to kill another boss in the game as well. Plantera, as chromite is only able to be created by making Shroomite bars. Problem is, Shroomite doesn’t spawn until after Plantera’s Defeat. So, you’ll have to go into the jungle to defeat Plantera.

Once Plantera has met her end, you’ll have to start farming Chlorophyte, which can only be found in the underground jungle biome. Once you have enough chlorophyte, you’ll need something else. The next item you’ll need is glowing mushrooms. Glowing Mushrooms are only able to be found underground. That is unless you make the biome on the surface yourself. Glowing Mushroom biomes are also used to summon Duke Fishron as well.

Once you have your hands on Glowing mushrooms, take your Chlorophyte ore and glowing mushrooms to an auto hammer, and create Shroomite Bars. From there, you’ll have to find an anvil to craft your Shroomite Armor.

Shroomite armor is the second most powerful armor for Ranged users. As each helmet boosts the damage of a specific type of projectile. The set bonus for having all peices is different compared to the Spider Armor. As the Shroomite Armor makes your character invisible when not moving.