Terraria Skeletron Prime | How to Spawn

Terraria is a boss rush type of survival game. Being able to clear bosses is integral to completing a full playthrough. So, if you’re hung up on summoning or defeating one of them, the show’s going to stop! Skeletron Prime is a redo of the Skeletron fight, and it’s one of the three mechanical bosses required for endgame progression. You need a different item to summon every single one of these hardmode bosses, so it can get annoying to keep in a row. If you’re looking for Prime’s summoning item, we can help.

How to Spawn Skeletron Prime in Terraria

How to Spawn Skeletron Prime in Terraria

In order to spawn Skeletron Prime in Terraria, you must first defeat the Wall of Flesh to get to Hardmode, which will make the Hallow. You then must farm enemies in the Hallow and Corruption (or Crimson). That’s because you need three Souls of Light and three Souls of Night, with 30 bones and five iron, to make the Mechanical Skull. Alternatively, you can just randomly get it as a drop from hardmode enemies.

Souls of Light and Souls of Night require Hardmode to be active. That’s because they don’t drop until the world has the Hallow, a new biome. Defeating Hallow enemies while underground gives a chance to drop their Soul. Souls of Night are simply in dropped in the Underground Crimson or Corruption.

Combine these items at a Mythril (or Orichalcum) Anvil to make this summoning item. Then, you can summon Prime at night. Prime’s Arms and Lasers deal a ton of damage, so it is recommended that you disable those parts first. It is recommended to kill it before night ends, as it will then go into a very difficult-to-handle Enrage mode.

Killing Skeletron Prime grants Souls of Fight, Hallowed Bars… And healing potions. Nice refund! Souls of Fright are required for hardmode weapons and armor. However, you won’t be able to make the progress-enabling “Drax” until you have killed all three mechanical bosses.

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