Terraria Spawn Point | How to Set

The world of Terraria can be treacherous. With so many enemies out there trying to strike you down and environmental hazard to contend with, it’s often good to rest up. That’s why it’s so crucial to know how to set a spawn point in Terraria. Doing so ensures that if you do fall victim to a monsters, you’ll respawn exactly where you want to be — likely near your gear. Read on to learn how to set a Terraria spawn point.

How to Set Your Spawn Point in Terraria

How to Set Your Spawn Point in Terraria

You set your spawn point in Terraria by placing down a bed. Ensure you rest in it at least once before going out on adventures. The next time you die, you magically respawn in your bed as if nothing had happened.

Once you’re in a house of your liking, equip a bed from your inventory. Place it down on the floor, and then walk to face the foot of the bed. Press the action button to activate it, which will set a spawn point. The message “Spawn point set!” will appear, which is how you know it’s working properly.

Luckily, all you need for the spawn point to work properly is a house. It doesn’t need to contain any furniture or decorations, so you can make your den as bare-bones as needs be. It means you could technically craft several across the Terraria map, having spawn points all around. However, only the most recently activated spawn point will work, so be sure to stay on top of it.

Even better, actually making a bed is very easy. There are plenty of different varieties, often requiring a random type of brick and silk to boot. They range from the Glass Bed, made of glass and silk, to the regular bed made from wood and silk. As long as you have silk and some other component, you should be able to make a bed very easily.